Atomic™ Ice Melt w/CMA & Nano Heat Technology™


  • The most powerful ice melt formula available! Evergreen certified. Melts to -25° F. Apply pre-storm for ultimate slip and fall protection.
50 lb., ea
Alternate #NS-ATOMIC
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Nano Heat Technology™ is the science of molecular bonding. This process creates the most efficient, effective and safest method of melting and preventing ice. Also formulated with Dynamic Excelerator's™ which are a proprietary liquid enhancement applied to each granular that works by contact ignition of ice or snow, a complete De-Icer!

  • Each Atomic[TM] granular is coated with an environmentally safe, vegetation by-product that magnifies the active ingredients effectiveness, resulting in faster melt off and extended life activity of up to 48 hours!
  • Non Hygroscopic, only becomes active when it comes in contact with snow or ice. Apply Atomic[TM] before the storm hits, not during it!
  • Natural, irregular-shaped granules, as apposed to round, man-made granules, adhere quickly and evenly to ice surfaces make Atomic[TM] easy for workers to spread. Granules stay put, reducing scatter and eliminating the need for a costly second application