AQUA Tite® Elephant Armor™ Asphalt Patch - 50 lb. Bag

Item # AT-1023B

  • This ultra high performance asphalt patch is designed for easy and permanent asphalt patching repairs. A non-petroleum based product means odor free.
  • Designed for easy and permanent patches and overlays
  • Easy to use, just add water
  • Can be placed with a trowel or textured roller
50 lb. Bag, ea
Alternate #1023B
  • Description

Environmentally friendly solution to asphalt patching/repair. Ideal for patch and repair use on concrete or asphalt walkways and driveways, curbs, ramps, slabs, spalls, cracks, bridges, parking structures, tunnels, dams, industrial plants, anywhere a high strength concrete repair mortar is called for. It offers high early strength and superior bond strength. It is shrinkage compensated, so only very minimal shrinkage may occur. This repair mortar is able to maintain a strong resistance to de-icing salts, freezing and thawing, and abrasion. Overlay as thin as 1/4" over existing concrete.